Professor in Consulting


emlyon business school is recruiting a professor in Consulting.

This job opening is meant for applicants with an expertise in Consulting, on both the specificities of the job itself (practice, consulting posture, methodology and consulting tools etc.) and the professional sector (actors and positioning, structures and functioning of  consulting firms, recruitment process currently applied in the sector etc.).


For this job, you will be required to teach techniques of analyses and definitions for operation and strategic corporate issues; how to present such analyses in limited meetings (boards of directors, executive committees) or in open meetings (all staff); command the various leading methods to be used for an implementation assignment;  how to introduce a critical approach with a customer; positioning specificities and methodologies of the great consulting firms; how to assess and highlight the added value for customers in a consulting assignment. Lastly, an excellent knowledge of techniques used in visual communication and how to present a consultancy will allow students to apprehend how to build an efficient consulting case.



English required.


Home campus: Ecully.

Starting date: September 2020.

emlyon business school celebrated its 140th birthday in 2012. This is a dynamic and innovative institution, with a Faculty of 162 people dedicated to the development of excellence in its teachings as well as in its research, via unique and specific means (learning labs, centers of excellence etc.). emlyon business school's motto, the “early makers”, is a concept which reflects how we picture tomorrow's entrepreneurs: individuals able to anticipate, innovate, experiment and transform.


emlyon business school is at the heart of a dynamic ecosystem made of universities with Faculties highly qualified academically, in socio-economic sciences and humanities, engineering, computing sciences, natural sciences, and medicine (see Lyon is the second biggest city in France, with a tradition of entrepreneurship and digital industry.

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Applicants must demonstrate a strong background in consulting, confirmed by a significant professional experience in a consulting firm (5 years minimum). Courses to be taught essentially involve Master's level and executive education.

A PhD or DBA would be a solid advantage.


Experience as a teacher in higher education would be preferable but is not mandatory.


This job requires to continue and develop existing courses, as well as designing new ones to expand our course catalogue. Besides a talent for conducting a course, in this job you will be required to generate knowledge, design pedagogy, and lead a large network of contributors from various partner firms.

  • A cover letter
  • A resume (curriculum vitae)
  • The presentation of a course you have already taught, if not, the presentation of a mock up course in consulting
  • A supported standpoint on a topic relative to the world of consulting (trends in the consulting sector, evolutions of the trade etc.)

Both presentations will be argued when auditioning for the job.


For job application, upload the documents listed above onto the platform and fill in the online form.


Additional questions will be transferred to Professor Christophe Chaumont (